There’s never been a better time to start a podcast

Share your story

Now’s the time to share your story via a podcast. Currently about 5 million people in the UK regularly listen to audio on demand, and that number is growing.

With changes in the way busy professionals are choosing to access media, podcasts are gaining popularity. On-demand audio allows your listener to access information or enjoy being entertained while commuting, exercising or multi-tasking. Podcasts also keep their audience’s attention for longer than other types of online content, such as videos and blogs.

What’s more, research published in 2018 shows the average podcast listener’s earnings are 28% higher than the average UK income. They also spend more on things like entertainment, technology and travel.

how podcasting can help you

Remote worker engagement

Quickly share news & updates with team members who aren't tied to desks

Reaching your customers

Demonstrate your expertise and raise your profile, while building relationships with your customers

Professional development

Swiftly create and share cutting edge Continued Professional Development content

Community & membership

Replace your newsletter with a personality-packed podcast

Let's get started

We provide a full podcasting service, from helping you to get started and create content ideas, through to editing and post-production.

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Our podcasting packages

Power-up your podcasting skills and get your voice heard your way.

This is for you if you want help to get started with your podcast.

What you’ll get:

  • A simple but effective podcast strategy, which you can start on straight away
  • A clear idea of the kit and software you need, plus how to use it to produce and publish high quality podcasts
  • A next-steps plan to give you the confidence and clarity to get on with it!

Get your powerful podcast season created and ready for a first-rate launch that will grab your listeners’ attention.

This is for your if you want to produce high-quality podcasts straight away and you want someone to help you with the process.

What you’ll get:

  • A season of 6 to 10 podcast episodes, fully edited and polished, with music and sponsor messages professionally included
  • All episodes tagged for listing in popular directories for your audience to easily listen in
  • Accompanying show notes ready for your blog or website, to help increase your chances of being discovered
Refresh and grow your podcast season after season with irresistible content that’ll keep your listeners coming back for more.

This is for you if you need some creative input to plan and shape your podcast seasons.

What you’ll get:

  • Analysis of the performance of your previous podcast season
  • Defined goals and outcomes for your upcoming season
  • A content and action plan with creative themes, titles and episode outlines for your upcoming season