Just Post It

Just Post It

Hi, I’m Debbie.
I run a communications consultancy called Peppermint Fish.
Some of my favourite people have been encouraging me to share my thoughts in a blog for quite a long time.
I can’t deny it – I avidly read blogs in order to learn and get a feel for what’s new in my profession. In fact, when I inadvertently stepped into an internal communications role in a large organisation, I turned to online blogs and articles to find out what I should be doing, as I was doing it.

Now I’ve moved into another stage in my career, I’m aiming to do three things:

  • to write about the insights I’ve gained and the things I discover, so anyone else out there who can use it, can use it
  • to share perspectives from some of the talented people I’m lucky enough to work with, (including the ones who haven’t got around to starting their own blog, yet)
  • to benefit from the learning potential of working out loud (here’s a great post by Rachel Miller that explains this)

I’ve worked for large multi-national organisations and small consultancies. I’ve had spells of being self-employed. I’ve worked primarily in finance, but also for social endeavours and the education sector.

First blog Debbie Aurelius

I’m still constantly fascinated by these topics, so here are my field notes on the things I continue to discover about people at work.

This blog was first published on 28 September 2017

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