How can a podcast power your business growth?

How can a podcast power your business growth?

Debbie Aurelius reflects on the talk she led at Cowbridge Business Club on 7 November 2018, focused on the power of podcasting for business owners.

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a short talk to the members of Cowbridge Business Club, in South Wales, on the theme of podcasting.

I’m grateful to Wesley, the Business Club founder, for giving me the opportunity to talk about something I’m so passionate about. I was keen to tell other business leaders how a simple but engaging podcast series can help them to share their message and connect with potential clients in an effective and positive way.

I was particularly happy that the topic generated lots of conversation – not just about podcasting tools and technology, but about ideas for content that would be truly authentic and original.

I learned how to make a podcast in 2012 as part of a post graduate degree course. I found those skills invaluable in my professional life straight away, particularly in scripting audio content for learning programmes and internal communications events for large organisations.

Since co-founding Peppermint Fish a year ago, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to create audio and podcast content for my clients. I’m also making a podcast for a community group (which I’ll write more about soon). It’s clearly high time that I make a podcast for my own business.

It seemed important to find evidence that the investment in time it takes to make a podcast would be well spent. I decided to focus my podcast on testing the claims that podcasting can help to power business growth. I set out to interview business owners and entrepreneurs who have taken to podcasting, to ask them how it has helped them and what it took to generate any success. 

Our new podcast is coming soon.

I’m thrilled to say my podcast is now in the making! 

I’ve had some amazing conversations and recorded a few interviews with inspiring and creative people who have taken that step and released their podcasts. My guests talk enthusiastically about the positive feedback they’ve had and the new connections they’ve made, as a direct result of their podcasting efforts.

I’m even more convinced than before that podcasting provides a great platform to demonstrate your expertise and your personality, and build relationships with your listeners in an authentic way. 

From the conversations I’ve had with my guests, it’s becoming clearer to me that podcasts enable people from all locations and walks of life to be united by a common interest and feel connected with like-minded people. This may have a positive impact beyond business growth. I’m hoping to explore the nature and power of that sense of connection as the podcast series develops.

I’m looking forward to many more conversations about podcasting and to launching my podcast shortly. I’m also looking forward to hearing podcast content from those Business Club members!

Thank you to Wesley & Nadia for coaxing me to share my enthusiasm for podcasting.

Thank you to David Nicholson for the event photograph.

Title photograph by NeONBrand through Unsplash


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