Communicating With Your Remote Team with Advita Patel and Satnam Kaur. S3 E3

Welcome to Be a Bigger Fish.

This episode features Satnam Kaur, HO Internal Communications at Priory Group and Advita Patel, Director of Comms Rebel; both busy professionals with experience of working with large, distributed and often remote employee groups.

We talk about how communicating has changed since the lockdown conditions of the coronavirus pandemic started and how this has heightened most people’s need to work well with remote teams.

Advita and Satnam share tips and words of advice about supporting line managers with difficult messages and about supporting our own communications teams through a crisis.

Satnam recommends leaders and communicators access the Mind website for resources and advice –

If you’d like to get in touch with Advita, she can be found on Twitter @advita_p and on LinkedIn – advitapatel

Satnam is also found on LinkedIn – satnam-kaur

With thanks to Advita and Satnam.

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