A Promising Podcast and its Legacy of Lessons with Jen Phelps. S2 Ep8

This episode takes a fascinating look into the circumstances that led a well-researched and highly-produced podcast to fail. It stars accomplished communications professional, Jen Phelps. About Jen Jen is a…

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Creating a Cultural Cornerstone with a Podcast with John Bonoff S2 Ep6

Welcome to Be a Bigger Fish! This is episode 6 of our season 2, which is dedicated to in-house podcasting. I'm delighted to have had a chance to capture a…

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How to Make a Podcast People Love with Zane Ewton S2 Ep5

Welcome to Be a Bigger Fish, the podcast that explores the power of podcasting. We're in Season 2, which is dedicated to exploring in-house podcasts for companies, brands and institutions.…

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Changing the Conversation About Communication with Advita Patel S2 Ep4

About Advita Advita has worked in internal communications for the past 14 years in various industries including Healthcare, Education, Energy and Transport. As Director of CommsRebel, Advita believes a little…

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How to Create a Successful Private Podcast with JP Gooderham S2 Ep3

We're in Season 2 of Be a Bigger Fish, which is dedicated to in-house or corporate podcasts and the professionals who are making them. This episode features podcaster JP Gooderham.…

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Best Practice for In-house Podcasts with Harriet Small. S2 Ep1

Be a Bigger Fish is back! Welcome to season 2 where we take a closer look into the world of in-house podcasting.  This season is dedicated to exploring the use of…

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