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Exploring the power of in-house podcasting

I’m so happy that Be a Bigger Fish is back on the air. This season takes a close look at the world of in-house podcasting, or the use of audio content inside organisations or institutions.

Season 2 Episode 3 How to Create a Successful Private Podcast

I’m delighted to share this episode which features JP Gooderham. JP is the founder of Storyboard, a platform that allows companies to launch secure, internal podcasts.

A podcaster himself, JP brings a wealth of personal insight and passion to his work. He has some great ideas for the best use cases of in-house podcasts including some fascinating case studies involving ‘micro-level’ content.

If you are thinking about launching a corporate podcast, listen in for some excellent advice and motivation from JP.

You can find out more about Storyboard at

Discover more about this episode, including a summary with clickable time-stamps and JP’s contact details, in our show notes.

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