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Exploring the power of in-house podcasting

I’m so happy that Be a Bigger Fish is back on the air. This season takes a close look at the world of in-house podcasting, or the use of audio content inside organisations or institutions.

Season 2 Episode 8 – A Promising Podcast and its Legacy of Lessons, with Jen Phelps

The star of this episode is accomplished internal communications leader, Jen Phelps.

Jen has a fascinating story to tell about a podcast that didn’t live up to its expectations. She describes candidly how a series that had lots of potential: it was well planned, generously funded and highly produced, failed to attract its target audience. 

We compare this with other, more successful podcast experiences Jen has had, to tease out the lessons learned from this experience.

If you’re planning to create a podcast series, whether in-house or for a more general listenership, this episode will help you to avoid making some of the mistakes that can derail your efforts.

With huge thanks to Jen for her courage and candour in sharing this learning so generously.

Detailed show notes with time stamps are available here.

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