About us

Engaging communications.

We’re a team of professionals who have a common purpose – to make workplaces work better through excellent communication.

We know how important it is to create the right conditions for honest and timely conversations at work. We’ve seen how motivating it is for teams to understand how their work contributes to an organisation’s success.

We also understand how challenging it can be to lead positive change from the inside. That’s why we created Peppermint Fish.

We make it easy for you to explain why improved communication will make the difference between success and failure. We’ll help you form a great communication strategy, plan and execute your tactics with flair and demonstrate how a focus on effective communication has ensured your project’s success.

We love helping leaders to find an effective and credible leadership voice, so they can describe their organisation’s strategy in a way that is meaningful and motivating for their teams.

Since starting Peppermint Fish in 2017, we’ve discovered our talent for working with start-up leaders and CEOs. The challenges of scaling a start-up are many, and it’s at this point good communications habits are critical. We’ve found out how to encourage CEO’s to define their purpose and mobilise their growing workforce behind their vision.

We thrive on helping HR Business Partners and Project Managers to set out clear communications plans which bring their objectives to life with elegance. 

We’re currently on a mission to make our core skills available through learning material, so you can join us in making your workplace better through excellent communication.


Debbie Aurelius

Hi! I’m a co-founder and director of Peppermint Fish. I’m a Chartered PR Practitioner. I’m also a podcaster and the host of our podcast, Be a Bigger Fish.

During a career in learning and development, I discovered my enthusiasm for the power of authentic dialogue in the workplace. I began to focus on internal communications six years ago.  Since then I’ve defined and implemented effective communications and employee engagement strategies, supporting multi-national digital transformation and operating model changes. 
Since setting up Peppermint Fish in 2017, I’ve supported my Clients with the creation of podcasts; online learning courses and digital content that sparks conversations.
I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my communications, engagement and training expertise with leaders across a variety of sectors, including education; technology; finance and training organisations.