08 Podcasting for Introverts with Janice Chaka

08 Podcasting for Introverts with Janice Chaka

Be a Bigger Fish is the podcast that explores the power of podcasting to grow your business or your community.

The star of this week’s episode is Janice Chaka

Meet Janice

Janice has a background in HR. She’s the founder of The Career Introvert, where she coaches introverted women to excel in their career and business. She’s also the host of The Traveling Introvert podcast, where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert.

[2:11] Janice travels for around nine months of the year, partly for work and partly for fun. She describes why introvert women can be in need of support to thrive in the corporate or entrepreneurial worlds.

Podcasting for Introverts

[3:50] I asked Janice what tempted an introvert to start podcasting and she talks about how her podcast was a replacement for a blog for her.  It was also a way for her to share her stories and to enable her friends to keep track of her whereabouts. Podcasting is therapy for Janice – it enables her to vent.

[5:33] Her lack pf preconceptions about what a podcast ‘should’ be meant Janice was able to set it up her way. The podcast was live within 7 days, with minimal investment in equipment. She was able to establish her own style straight away without over-thinking it.

[7:33] A podcast strategist gave Janice some advice about how to improve her podcast, but she’s largely kept to the format she first started with. She finds it works for her and her clients, so that’s what matters most. Janice decided to publish episodes of just five minutes long to suit the short attention spans of both her listeners and herself! Since she travels a lot, Janice wanted to avoid having to edit long episodes and she finds she can get a point across in a short, five minute recording.

Benefits of Podcasting

[10:26] Among the benefits of podcasting, Janice was asked to speak at the Podcast Movement Summit in 2018. She also interviewed twelve women from around the world, who are introvert and running their own business, to celebrate International Women’s Day. She subsequently turned this inspirational content into a book.

[11:40] Identifying there’s not much content available for female, introvert, solo business owners who’d like to set up a podcast single-handedly, Janice set up her own podcasting summit. Despite setting herself a tight timescale to set it up, the summit was a huge success and she’s decided to run one again.

[13:10] Janice talks about the ways in which your podcast content can be repurposed. She thinks the medium can be ideal for introverts who don’t like to write. The fact you can be flexible about the format of a podcast means you can choose to adopt a style that suits your preferences.

Podcasts as the future of corporate recruitment

[15:15] At the recent Disrput HR conference in Denver, Janice proposed that podcasts are an ideal channel for corporate recruitment. Their power lies in the way they can give prospective employees a ‘back stage pass’ into an organisation. This enabled them to convey a much more clear sense of the culture of an organisation and what it’s really like to work there. She tells us about the podcast Sephora launched in 2018, featuring their customers, and how it has attracted talented employees into their organisation.

The benefits of a podcast for business owners

[16:50] Janice shares helpful advice about the importance of planning and setting up systems when starting out in podcasting. This is particularly the case for solo business owners wanting to support their business. She warns it’s time consuming, so having support with some parts of the process will help make it more successful.

Podcasts for communicating with employees

[19:10] Lots of people in modern, open plan workplaces like to wear a headset and listen to something while they work, for concentration. Janice points out a podcast for an internal audience could work well for sharing many types of information, partly for this reason. It also is more likely to be listened to multiple times, while employees multi-task.

Raising the profile of charities

[20:30] The lack of immediate financial return seems to be a barrier to charities adopting podcasts as a way of raising their profile. Janice would like to see smaller charities share their story in this way more and think more long-term about the benefits of podcasting.

Being proud of your podcast

[22:50] Janice considers her podcast to be a way for her to ‘vent into the void’ and doesn’t pay much attention to the metrics. She lists some of the achievements she’s proud of, including supporting other people to launch their own podcast.

[24:50] Being a bigger fish isn’t really Janice’s ambition – she’s happy to be a smaller fish, making a big difference.

You can find Janice at thecareerintrovert.com or on LinkedIn at Janice Chaka, but please personalise your message to connect!

Her podcast is called The Traveling Introvert.

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