04 Establishing Credibility with Teresa Heath-Wareing

04 Establishing Credibility with Teresa Heath-Wareing

About Teresa

Teresa is recognised alongside some of the world’s thought leaders for social media marketing. She’s a consultant, author, TEDx speaker and podcaster, who hosts the weekly show ‘Social Media Marketing Made Simple’.

[2:14]Teresa studied marketing and worked in a variety of marketing roles, but describes how an ‘early mid-life crisis’ pushed her out of an agency career into self employment. She grew her business from scratch to a virtual team of six, offering social media marketing services globally. Considering herself an ‘accidental entrepreneur’, Teresa has succeeded despite not having a strong ambition to run her own business until the moment she decided to set one up.

Podcasts for Accidental Entrepreneurs

[6:15]Social media and digital marketing ‘moves at the speed of light’! In order to keep on top of her specialism,  Teresa makes sure she keeps learning about it from the world’s leading experts. She found listening to podcasts was an amazing way to keep up to date with trends and learn new things. The fact she could listen while she did something else, like driving or getting ready in the morning, was an extra bonus.

In terms of building her own business, once Teresa found her strength was teaching, speaking and connecting with people, she became convinced podcasting would be an ideal channel.

How Podcasting Can Help Build Your Business

[10:30] I asked Teresa what she hoped her podcast would achieve. Aside from her love of teaching and sharing, she has a clear understanding of the importance of producing  regular content to bring new people to her business. Her podcast content is freely available and Teresa loves connecting with listeners who respond to it. She describes how she loves nothing more that seeing an Instagram story of someone listening to her podcast.

[12:45] Teresa tells us how to build content upgrades into your podcast, as a way of enabling listers to download content in exchange for an email address. The main aim of her podcast is to build awareness, listenership and trust.

How to Produce a Weekly Podcast

[16:45] Describing it as ‘the hardest thing I produce’, Teresa talks openly about the time and cost involved in creating her podcast. Although she’s aware the returns take longer to realise, Teresa is absolutely certain that the podcast is growing her business. Having decided to start podcasting, Teresa committed to do it every week for a year, regardless of the number of listeners. 

[19:23] Teresa’ walks us through the process she has in place to produce her podcast. She tells us how to devise content ideas, make successful recordings and manage the end to end production process through a virtual team. 

[27:24] The rewards of podcasting include building brand awareness – it’s a way in which people are able to get to know Teresa better. It’s also enabled Teresa to establish her credibility. She describes the joy of receiving positive feedback and the new client enquiries the podcast has prompted. It’s also given Teresa a point of connection with other high profile marketing professionals.

Getting Great Guests

[29:20] Teresa knew she wanted her podcast interviews to be good – she wanted to speak to people at the top of the industry. She shares her tactics for securing high profile guests for your podcast! The importance of human connection and thoughtful relationship building is evident from Teresa’s account and we talk about the quality of conversations you can capture when you’re speaking with like-minded professionals.

What Makes a Successful Podcast?

[39:40] The early days of podcasting made Teresa feel self-conscious, but when her friends pointed out she could relax a bit more, she allowed herself to become more relaxed and vulnerable. She now feels her content is more honest and authentic. The podcasts where she felt she ‘rambled a bit’ were the ones that people have really related to. Being open and frank about what it’s like to run a business and build a brand is a powerful way of making a connection.

[42:30] Teresa is averaging 1000 downloads a month at the time of recording. Whilst she’s happy with that, she thinks the pursuit of data isn’t the right way to measure the success of a podcast –  it’s the relationship she builds with her listeners that matters

Top Tips for Starting a Podcast

[44:33]. If you can do it and you’re happy to, do it! Podcasting takes effort, time and consistency, but Teresa is motivated by the feeling that she’s part of her listeners’ weekly schedule.

[46:40] When you’re starting out, choose a subject you know, and be passionate about it. If you love what you do and the people you speak with, your excitement about it will come across. Get organised and plan to create batches of content. Be aware you’ll think the first few episodes are awful and get over it! Just keep going and they will get better.

[52:00]For Teresa, Being a Bigger Fish enables her to help and support more people. The thought she’s entertaining or inspiring people, even though she may never meet them, makes podcasting a great thing to do.

 Teresa’s podcast is available at teresaheathwareing.com/podcast


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