03 Creative Inspiration with Kathy Stowell

03 Creative Inspiration with Kathy Stowell

About Kathy

Kathy hosts the podcast Creative Bliss in Life and Biz and runs a business training creative people to become coaches. She’s passionate about the use of creativity to coach her clients to become more effective in their coaching and she applies those creativity tools in her daily life.

Achieving Blissful Balance

[3:45] Although she finds some people cringe at the word ‘balance’, for Kathy it’s an important concept. She’s aware of the need to be flexible to lean in to whatever needs your focus from time to time. She talks about how to assess the balance in your life by using ‘bliss as your barometer’.

Podcasts for companionship

[4:40] As a busy Mum, Kathy loved listening to podcast content. She was just too busy to read and found audio a more convenient way to take in information while riding a bike or milking a cow! She also found companionship and inspiration in the podcasts she listened to. It was “a great way to make contact with like-minded folk” and it meant she didn’t feel so isolated.

Podcasting for business

[7:00] When she first talked over the idea of starting her own podcast, her business coach at the time discouraged Kathy, so she set the idea aside. She couldn’t quite let go of it however, so decided to give it a try a year later. She found she loved podcasting and has been publishing her podcast for nine years.

Kathy was hoping her podcast would create a sense of community with her trainee coaches and a greater sense of intimacy.

[9:10] She describes how the positive feedback and ‘thank you’ notes she’s received from her listeners have kept her motivated over the years.

Kathy creates her content by ‘riffing off’ what’s on her mind – she sees it as a way of building her ‘creativity muscles’.

[10:44] I ask Kathy whether her efforts have been successful in helping her grow her business. She’s certain they have and tells us about the new coaches she’s met through her podcast.

How to share your creativity with confidence

Kathy had been blogging before she started podcasting, so she doesn’t recall feeling a particular sense of vulnerability when publishing her thoughts in this different ‘modality’.

[12:04] I particularly like the way Kathy talks about releasing the demands of ‘perfection’ and the idea that you can appeal to everyone. She advocates having fun, trusting in your creative integrity and having confidence that something in your story will be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

Setting up the podcast

[16:39] Kathy enlisted some support to get her podcast set up and talks about the courage it takes to outsource the editing!

An evolving business

[20:29] As Kathy’s audience has grown and evolved, she’s adapted her business model. She describes how she’s adapted her tools and applied her passion to her new offering.

Kathy’s advice on being a bigger fish

[23:00] Kathy’s advice to a new podcaster is that it never hurts to try! You can always find support if you don’t want to go it alone and if you don’t like the outcome, you can always press delete. She paints a brilliant picture of being a bigger fish by making your dreams audacious and huge enough to allow your fish to grow.

If you want to get in touch with Kathy, a link to her website is available here

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