01 Building a Coaching Business with Jessica Fearnley

01 Building a Coaching Business with Jessica Fearnley

Episode 01 : Build a Coaching Business with Jessica Fearnley

In this episode, business coach and consultant, Jessica Fearnley, tells us about her podcast, The Business Club for Grown Ups. She describes how it has helped her to engage with a wider audience of listeners, while re-energising contact with her existing clients.

These show notes provide you with an overview of the key points in the podcast with timestamps that will take you straight to that part of the show.

Starting out in podcasting

[5:00] Jessica started out in podcasting by finding out how to be a guest on other peoples’ podcasts. This gave her the opportunity to find out if she enjoyed it.  Having discovered she loved it, Jessica took a‘just do it now’ approach and jumped into making her own. She didn’t need a firm plan about what the podcast could achieve:  “I really didn’t know how it would go, but I didn’t worry about that, I just did a few episodes.”

[7:10] Jessica was amazed by how much her podcast grew, and the way in which it encouraged people to come forward and approach her.

Overcoming feelings of vulnerability

 We talk about the feelings of vulnerability that can occur when you’re sharing personal views and information through a podcast. Jessica spoke about how she overcame those feelings, “Visibility is always scary, it never really changes and after a while you come to accept that”

[8:30] Jessica reflects on the moment she started to share her personal experience of burnout and the relief she felt when she was finally open about it. She notes that podcasting has been more successful than email marketing, she recalls how  “people have come forward to me and said, “I love your podcast” and people don’t do that about emails and blog posts, so for me there’s something special about how it all works.”

The connection podcasts can create

I’m fascinated by the sense of connection that seems to develop between podcast hosts and their listeners. We talked about that and the fact it helps to encourage people who would be ideal to work with, to come forward.

[17:10] Jessica is finding her podcast helps to start a conversation with women she wants to work with. They are approaching Jessica because her message is something that really resonates with them. She points out that , for most people, it’s important they feel they’ll be working with someone who’s going to respect them. It’s a great start to know you can talk authentically about experiences you may have in common. It also highlights the importance of establishing relationships to grow a business, rather than relying on a more mechanical approach. Jessica feels her podcast has helped significantly with this –  “I think the way I set up my podcast has been unintentionally helpful in setting up that dynamic in a helpful way for my clients.”

Jessica’s podcasting set up

Jessica started out with relatively modest kit and software. She wanted to keep her podcast set up simple and advises it’s a good idea to start off with a minimum investment in equipment. You can always upgrade if you decide you’re going to stick with podcasting.

[23:50] Now her podcast is growing, Jessica has taken the step of handing over the editing to her team. We talk about the process of ‘letting go’ of that aspect of control and Jessica shares some tips about how to help your editing team to do a good job. For example, provide time stamps of moments where you want a phrase to be edited out.

Audio editing tips

[27:50] Jessica learned how to edit audio content in her university days, when she worked as a producer in the radio station. She shares her tips for editing and how to make engaging audio content, “It doesn’t have to be perfect! It’s not the person who does it the best is the most successful, it’s the person who feels the best about themselves and produces something that engages with people. That’s more important than producing something that looks 100% perfect.”

To create engaging content, Jessica chooses topics based on conversations she sees happening online or that her clients have asked her about.

Finally, I ask Jessica what it means to her to Be a Bigger Fish! She talks about the painful process of growing a business and what it takes to break through to the next level, rather than play it safe.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jessica her website is jessicafearnleybusinessconsulting.com

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